Who we are

Joel C. Hernandez is the co-founder of Sound Speed Miami and has worked professionally as a Re-recording mixer,
Sound Designer, and Location Sound Recordist for Broadcast, Film/Video, and Web. He has worked with a variety of
clients such as Disney, Discovery, NatGeo, GE, ESPN Films, PBS, AmEx, and Canon. His contributions as a sound
designer & re-recording mixer have been featured in films appearing in Sundance, TIFF, SXSW, and IFFR. Joel also serves as a
freelance Audio Engineer for NFL FILMS Enhanced Audio division.




Christian Loaiza is an Emmy award winning Audio Engineer who has, for the past two seasons been the Robotics Mixer
for HBO’s Hard Knocks. He is also an Audio Engineer for NFL FILMS Enhanced Audio department. In a very short time,
Christian has brought his skill set to a multitude of major broadcast events heard worldwide.





What we do

Sound Speed Miami specializes in making high quality sound for picture. We would love to be involved in any and all aspects of your media projects: from production
to post. Whether your project needs location audio, dialog cleanup, or sound design we offer an uncompromisingly high attention to detail and dedication in our work.